Illustrations for the 'Story of Shades: A Century of Circles' Feature in Mykita Journal

Tusk Journal

Cover for the New Journal 'Tusk'. This one was a pleasure to work on, and they wrote a great feature on my work, which was very kind. Very limited edition prints of the cover and the magazine itself can be purchased Here.

Above & Below

My Third and final Solo Exhibiton at Common, Running from Febtuary through August 2014,  Above and below features Limited edition papercuts and risographs, and a lifesize tree installation. All work is for sale, contact me for details.

Above and Below Prints

Risograph Prints from My Show ' Above and Below' At common.  'A Pair of Waders', 'Freestylers' and 'High and Dry'


More information soon...

A Brave new World

My Illustration from the Nobrow 7 Compendium.


A suprise Present for my fiance's Birthday, A boxed set of 14 Portraits of Deanna in clothes she either owns or would very much like to own.


Four New prints for Yuck Print house, Editions of 20 and available to buy Here for just £25.

Retail News

Full page illustration for retail news on the importance of being a happy worker as well as a competent one.

OCBC Artspace

A Commision From Relay Room to produce six life size plastic standees of famous artists. OCBC bank in Singapore has a gallery on the ground floor,the artists are lined up outside queing to get in.

YOU Screenprint

A print for the show 'You', masterfully printed by the talented screen printer and artist SAVWO. The poster was faithfully recreated by the equally talented (if not more so) niece of Red Deer Dunk, Emily, aged six. Thankyou Emily, I think I like yours more than mine.


An exhibition about what makes you, you.

The show consisted of thirteen handmade and framed vinyl pieces (each an edition of four), wall paintings, window vinyl and a limited edition screenprint.


Three of my pieces from 'Fell', a group show in NTP with Steve Hockett and Iwan Roberts.  

'Took a Flyer'. 80cmx60cm. Card between glass panes, edition of 8.

'Fell' 70cmx1000mm. Handcut vinyl on  semi-opaque heavy waxed paper. edition of 6, 

'Plains', 80cmx60cm. Handcut wood effect vinyl on construction card.  


Illustration for Wired U.S. I was asked to illustrate the word 'Shrilk' a new incredibly strong plastic made from shrimps and spider silk that will be used for surgical sutures.


A Series of 30 animated road movies commissioned by Cornerhouse for the 'Intertwining Line' exhibition. Please be patient with the loading... and the watching. You can see more from the series on my Vimeo. Thankyou to the talented and patient James Gilbert for animating these.

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